Our Client

PMC Group is a diversified conglomerate with a strong presence in the finance, education, and food industries. Each sector operates under a unified brand identity that reflects the group’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. The PMC Group aims to enhance lives through their services, ensuring trust and reliability across all its ventures.

The quality of your brand will determine the quality of your client.

The Brief

To create a cohesive and distinct brand identity for PMC Group that unifies its diverse business sectors while highlighting the unique attributes of each industry.

The Solution

Drawing on our expertise in brand strategy and design, we embarked on a journey to redefine PMC Group ‘ brand identity. We began by delving deep into their values, mission, and vision, uncovering the essence of what made them unique. Through collaborative workshops and in-depth consultations, we distilled their core values into a clear and compelling brand narrative.

The Tembelong

Brand Identity Design


Brand Identity Design


Brand Identity Design


Brand Identity Design

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