About Us

Like you, I demand the best from myself and those I work with. And I deliver branding that grabs attention.

Hey! I’m Olofinyo Temitope Ben – Founder of Bennie Design Studio.

For today’s Entrepreneurs; coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, trainers, and other authority brands, competition is ferocious in every niche.

And that means it’s more complicated than ever to stand out as a credible go-to authority… let alone climb to the top! Most of entrepreneurs struggle to get noticed at all, and many give up on their dreams of creating the impact they want and the income they deserve… simply because they can’t attract the right clients and build the audience they need to create a movement.

That’s where we come in. We’re focused on helping authority brands – driven, passionate entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants just like you – develop high-impact branding that sets you apart from the crowd. Our process is simple: analyze and define needs, then propose solutions that realize your strategic vision.

What I Can Do For Your Business