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Let’s quickly get down to the business of the day.

I am going to discuss what makes people buy and also going to go deep into how to sell your product & services.

Let’s quickly define what exactly you are actually selling to your clients or customers.

How quickly can you answer this question?

“What is your brand REALLY selling?”

Have you thought about this on a deeper level yet?

I’m talking like deep deep layers level?

A lot of you are selling these products and services but only on the surface level…

“What do you mean Bennie?”

Here’s what I’m talking about…

I got a message on WhatsApp last week … I got something like this… (check the image below)

Did you notice that line that starts with “Jeez” and “No doubt

“Jeez am speechless”- PREMIUM!
” No doubt this was very creative”- SOLUTION!

If you want to know what it is that I’m actually selling, that’s it right there! PREMIUM SERVICE & OFFERS DESIGN THAT SOLVES PROBLEMS.

Despite my devilishly handsome looks lol, I know a thing or 3 about how to attract the right people to the right brands when it comes to design, branding, and marketing…

It’s been something I’ve been in love with for years!

All jokes aside, I want you to understand this point I’m trying to make to you today…

By now you should have an idea of what you are actually selling to your clients/customers

Often, people aren’t interested in buying a product or service. They’re interested in the benefit that comes from buying, not the product or service itself.

Emotional Branding Examples

Calm: Meditation Made Easy

The emotion is in the name. Calm’s app leads users through guided meditation and gentle stretches to help them relax and sleep more easily. Calm’s branding uses soothing gradients and soft fonts to help drive their decompressing mission home.

Let me give it to you straight, people buy feelings

First, you need to appeal to your customer’s emotional state, needs, and aspirations. But why?

Emotion is a potent force. It can affect decisions and compel people to act on them. Purchase decisions are driven mainly by emotion more than intellect. A well-thought-out evocative brand marketing strategy can sway the audience to take specific actions to translate into business milestones.

Think about why celebrities are used so often in advertisements.

Do we think Davido is a gambling expert?

Is Bonang Matheba a hydration specialist in her spare time?

Does Burna Boy genuinely care about reward points from his money transfer app?

Of course not. Yet companies pay these famous folks tons of cash to pitch products and services to us. And they’re not wasting their money. They’re tapping into our egos, feelings and our aspirational desires and this works like magic.

Emotional branding should be part of every business. Establishing the connection between your brand and customer will put you at an advantage. A raw and personal bond will be easier to nurture and grow until you become part of their system, therefore creating a strong and unbreakable link.

The bottom line is, how do you speak to your audience’s heart?

Let me quickly share with you some emotional branding best practices


1. Focus on Emotion Through Visuals

Due to their impact on the subconscious, emotions are unquestionably essential for successful neuromarketing. In actuality, the brain’s visual processing capacity makes up roughly 50% of it. 08 To maximize satisfying emotional experiences, pay attention to your visual identity as well as logos, fonts, colors, depth, and movement.

2. Customize Your Conversations

Appeal to the self-serving nature of the human brain by making your users feel happy, satiated, and important. Make your interactions with them feel unique and genuine. Create options for customization and use targeted sales and marketing techniques to create interactions that feel like they’re tailored to each individual user.

3. Know what triggers your audience emotionally

Most businesses sell products and services to a broad target audience. But, it’s tricky to form connections with a diverse audience. So, focus on what excites and motivates your customers and prospects and incorporate it into your marketing strategy and branding.

If you’re starting a business and don’t yet know what triggers your audience emotionally, study your competitors on social media and do market research. There are many ways to get actionable feedback from your audience, and you must learn what messages resonate best with your customers and prospects.

4. Inspire Engagement

Engaging with your users makes them feel more personally connected to your brand and elicits more emotional reactions. Start engaging your users more by connecting with influencers, sharing user-generated content on social media, and replying to reviews and comments to make lasting connections.

5. Be quick in responding to critical issues

In business, timing is everything – from customer inquiries to speaking up for important causes and even putting out fires quickly.

It’s natural to make mistakes, especially in a new business. But it’s your responsibility as a brand to prioritize your audience and be sensitive to their concerns.

For instance, when rolling out a marketing campaign, be careful with brand messaging. And if people offer negative feedback, always listen and take immediate actions to correct any mistakes. Being responsive shows that you heard your customers’ concerns and have made an effort to do better as a brand.

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I hope I was able to give you some clarity today when it comes to what EXACTLY it is you’re trying to sell to people and how to sell your product and services…

Get this right and you’ll win…

Get it wrong and you’ll be sucking wind and drowning in your own misery…

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