Some Dreams Stay Dreams, Some Dreams Come True

Some Dreams Stay Dreams, Some Dreams
Come True.

I was just laying back yesterday evening, after work I love listening to some old cool music and an old Nas classic buzz on, called ” Still Dreamin…”

It’s about folks from Nas’ neighborhood who he knew had big dreams of making it big in life but unfortunately none of it came to fruition.

There’s one guy who didn’t want to put in the work but wanted all the riches.

“How you a man waitin’ for the next man to get rich? Yo’ plan is to stick out yo’ hand real quick..”

One girl who had a beautiful career at Fox News, but got caught with the wrong people, she got into drugs and everything went to hell overnight…

The hook lyrics is like “O-o-o-o-one two one two Some dreams stay dreams some dreams come true”

Good Hip hop has inspired me since I was 15yo

Hearing stories narrated by Nas at such a young age made me think about people’s real struggles and how they managed to survive it and some didn’t.

The verse “I schemed since I was 14, what the f$*( was your dream? by Nas hit me so hard.

It reminded me of when I used to hustle with my mum when I was 15yo, nevermind the other 2 jobs my mum was working just to make ends meet.

Those are the days that really taught me to work hard, buckle down and one day dreams will come through.

But we mustn’t forget the most important part.

In order for your dreams to come true one must first dream of what it is that they want in life.

Everything I have in my life today was created by me.

My life didn’t happen to me.

It happened because of me.

That’s what I preach to my clients when I’m helping them design their brands.

Nothing is impossible.

If you can dream of it, you can get it.

Visualization is a powerful tool.

The problem I see most entrepreneurs/people having is the execution part.

They get frustrated and give up too soon.

And that’s where I (Bennie) comes in…

My mission is to help those entrepreneurs that want to help other people and make this world a better place..

My dream when I was 15 years old was to be able to live a better life when I got older and guess what…

It came through..

I’m here to tell you today that your dreams can come true if you want them to, but only if you take action.

That’s the only way.

“O-o-o-o-one two one two Some dreams stay dreams some dreams come true”

It’s completely up to you…

Now if you need help on how to position your brand and business so that your business dream can come through or you need help with just branding your business, from your logo down to your website..

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I usually charge R1,850 for these consults but I’m waiving the fee for the action takers only!

Talk to you soon!