One on One Assessment with Bennie

Uncover Your Branding Blindspots That’s holding back Your Business From Growing!

This assessment isn’t intended to rip down your business or tell you everything you’re doing wrong. This assessment is reveal the real chanllenges you may not even be aware of that is preventing you to grow your business.

What You’ll Discover

In about 50-60 minutes, we’ll conduct a complete brand health check-up, including:


An objective view of your current assets, offers, strengths, and challenges


Insight on how your healthy brand look like. How will that propel your business to greater height.


How to leverage your strengths and opportunities, mitigate risk, and start your brand road in achieving higher revenue.

Part of you is tempted to skip this opportunity and keep figuring your brand out on your own.

Lots of business owners take that lane. The result is not that superb. Before you make a decision you might regret, I want you to answer the following questions in relation to your business with authority?

Answer the following questions

Vision:  Who is your brand, and what is it striving to become? Where is it going?

Values: What does it stand for?

Concept: What business is your brand in, and what niche does it fill?

Differentiation: How is your brand unique?

Promise: What hopes, needs and desires does your brand satisfy?

Solution: What problems does your brand solve?

Benefit: What are your core brand strengths and advantages?

Position: How is your brand versus your competitors perceived in the market?

Small Changes
Big Results

What are the small hinges that could swing the big doors? Maybe you shift from one-time to recurring. Maybe you add an upsell somewhere in your process. Maybe you improve the follow-up system that you have. Maybe you just have to only change your looks and feel. There will be small changes you can make, even if it’s just changing a team member, that can make a profound impact on your business.

Hopefully you can find that. And remember, it’s the small changes sometimes that can have the biggest impact.

What’s the real cost of: doing nothing, going down the wrong path, figuring it out on you own, or worst yet, not making a decision?

You don’t know what you don’t know. And not knowing is just like leaving money on the table in your business.

The problem many entrepreneurs have is they don’t know to position themselves as subject matter expert.

This is one thing I fixed in my business and since then I have been the tequila, not the lime.

Yes, you might have the super service/ product everyone is looking for but if you don’t position yourself (branding) properly as the “Go-to” you will not be making the sales you should be making.


The brand effect is the ability of reputations to influence people’s future behavior. For businesses, this means branded companies sell more at higher prices, but the power of a strong brand can also affect people’s desire to donate, share, participate, volunteer, file taxes, and many other desirable actions. People are more willing to associate with and help organizations that have a reputation, and names and logos help people keep track of those reputations.

Ask for help

“Ari?” My father’s voice was soft. “Ari, Ari, Ari. You’re fighting this war in the worst possible way.”

“I don’t know how to fight it, Dad.”

“You should ask for help,” he said.

― Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

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