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The branding process is a series of well-defined activities designed to develop a value system and communication framework for a business, resulting in a coherent brand identity.

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A complete branding process should consist of research, strategy and design stages, usually followed by the implementation or execution phase.

4 Stages of brand identity development



The research phase of the branding project is about collecting information and analyzing the findings to get to know your business, industry, competitors, target audience and all of your existing branding and design. It typically consists of extensive desk and field research including interviews where your branding partner listens to you to understand your business challenges, and then aligns themselves with your vision.



The brand strategy is based on the findings of the brand research. While the research phase is about exploration, this step is for focusing and consolidating your values, business aspirations and vision for the future. The strategy stage sets the tone of your communication, and provides a rallying point for your team in terms of brand values and business direction.



Without design, you wouldn’t be able to deliver the strategy. The design phase is what translates brand values into practical solutions such as a memorable and meaningful visual brand identity. As part of the branding process, design’s main role is to formulate the visual identity but it often goes beyond that. Design thinking can be applied to many areas of your business to improve services, products and workflows.



The implementation stage is when your new brand identity is revealed to the world. It starts with the careful planning of the roll-out i.e. how and when certain aspects of your brand will be launched on various channels. Implementation can take many forms, from a few business cards to a website or series of product videos. This phase can happen very quickly, but it can also last several months depending on your business’ circumstances.

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