Have you ever asked yourself why your competitors are closing more sales than you are? or why they are getting all the attention?

Let us use Netflix vs Blockbuster as an example here…

Thousands of times Netflix comes in and just destroys and demolishes blockbusters.

When was the last time you subscribed to Blockbuster LLC ?  MAYBE YOU DIDN’T KNOW THEY EXIST..

POINT NO 1: Probably maybe your prospect clients don’t even know you exist.

Let’s leave the big guys out of this and talk about the small businesses, right? Like you and I.

Imagine your competition swoops in and starts gulping up clients on you and deep down you know that your product and service is way better than theirs,but they still keep getting more clients than you.

Very frustrating right? Let me give you some quick wins here.

but before that I want you to answer these two questions.

1. What is your brand/business known for in the marketplace?
2. Why should anyone buy from you, instead of your competition?

Now that you’ve answered both questions.. The quick win here is for you to start marketing your answers to your prospect clients.

If you’re reading this right now, I want you to check the looks and feel of your business/brand before you start wasting your hard earned money and energy into marketing because your prospect clients will come to your social media, website before they invest in you and you don’t want them to say, nah, looks too cheap. It looks like they’re amateur or scam.

You don’t want them to say: “We’re going to go with the competitor that looks a little bit more polished.

It is what it is guys. I’m not saying this to scare you. I’m saying it because it really happened to me a few years ago, I lost a big six figure client because my brand identity  wasn’t where it should be to have attracted that level of client.

This was a really upcoming paint company who is really ready to invest big in their new brand identity. Could I have gotten the job done? 100% Yes!

My marketing message reached them but my looks (brand identity) ruined it all. They are not ready to take the risk because they looked at my website and it kind of looks like more of a freelancer and they are looking for an agency-like to take care of their stuff..

So guys, please if you really want your marketing to work you need to invest big in your brand/business looks, If you want to play big, you have to look big right? and also deliver big..

If you are really ready to compete with the big boys and you want your messaging to reach your potential clients or you want to regain the perception of that value of your business you should click here to get intouch with Bennie so we can help you with your brand looks and messaging.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Cheers

– Bennie

Olofinyo Ben


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