Hello guys, how’s everybody doing today ?

It is a glorious day here in Midrand today.

Today I quickly want to ask you a question.. A question I think deserves a honest answer from you.

Are you demonstrating your expertise online?

Yes or No!

Let me tell you this… A true expert, like a truly rich man, doesn’t need to tell you he is one … his value shows in his confidence, competence, consistency, generosity, humility, and his work.

So you don’t really need to do a hard sell when you often demonstrate your expertise online like I do.

There are hundreds if not thousands of people that do exactly what you do. Displaying your expertise online can be a game changer for you.

Just like it’s hard to tell the guy with a professional camera from a professional photographer unless you share what you know with the rest of us in the right way.


Folks do often heavily rely on WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube to demonstrate their expertise..

Say, God forbid your WhatsApp shutdown, Instagram shutdown. Youtube shutdown… What will happen to the content you’ve been displaying on those platforms ?

Here’s what I do and you should also.

Have your business website ( professionally designed)

Connect your social media platform with your website. Whenever I post content on my Instagram page, it automatically posts on facebook, twitter and most importantly on my website.

There’s there’s plugins that are free nowadays that you can have. We have them on our site where you can plug in your Instagram, feed your YouTube feed, right into your website, whatever page you want to put it on. We have it on our homepage. But every time I upload a new video, every time I post something on Instagram, it automatically updates on my website homepage.

The first thing that I want you to look at is the look and feel of your brand and your business face online. Is it consistent across all platforms? People might be confused and not trust your company/business if they find inconsistency.

Imagine you selling or offering a premium service/product and your website looks like hell !! Subconsciously you are putting something negative inside your prospect head…”We don’t trust thus company”… Plain and simple

So we really need to be conscious of our company look and feel online.

Secondly ask yourself, what type of content should I be putting out there for my client or prospect client.

Asking yourself this type of questions will help you start converting your online visitors into clients.

I strongly believe there are 3 things that move the needle when it comes to creating an online presence that converts visitors to buyers.

  • Your Look
  • Feel of your messaging
  • and the experience that you are delivering.

If you can start to focus on these 3 things, I can assure you’re going to start closing more business.

If you need help creating a strong online presence for your company or maybe you think you need help with rebranding your business (from logo design, social media page design and website design) ? Get intouch with me by simply clicking HERE or chat icon on your right hand side and send me a quick message.

I strongly believe that the way your business look will determine the type of client you will attract and the type of client you attract will determine the quality of your life.

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Cheers and talk to you soon