I’m sure you must have noticed alot of “noisey-self-made” millionaires all over social media channels mostly Instagram.

Everyone is self-proclaimed these days.

They make the loudest noise all over social network, do funny stuffs and they re so blinded by this, they don’t even know how stupid they look..


If you googled anyone of these people, you will discover “nothing” about them. No brand equity.

Here’s my question for you.

What will people find if they Google you ?

Nothing or Brand equity !

People will do their homework on you and decide not hire or trust you because you have no social proof backing of what you say you do.

You need to have a brand identity; a logo that represent you or your brand, your social media following or audience, a website. Trust me, flashing your Maserati Levante

and Range Rover LSV Autobiography Supercharged on social won’t do it.

I was on the phone with this guy yesterday from B.E.S.A South Africa, he want me to run a banner campaign for his personal brand. I asked him

ME: Do you have a website ?

HIM: No but I have a facebook page.

ME: Do you have social media audience or following ?


ME: Do you have a logo that represent your brand ?

HIM: No.

I had to tell him the truth.

He has ZERO brand identity.

He was lucky not have fallen into the wrong hands because they will take his hard-earned Rands, write his brand name of the ad and run it. The marketing won’t yield

any result because no one will trust a business without an identity.

So what are you going to do to build brand awareness?

What are you going to do to build your brand’s identity?

How will people get to know who you are and what you do?

How will people TRUST you?

You need to keep up guys.

“What makes you unique, makes you successful” and brand is the new social proof.

If you really want to standout from the crowd and be proud to do promote a brand people will love to do business with and associate themselves with…

You should start investing in quality and professional branding.

– Bennie

Olofinyo Ben


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