Here is a question for you…

When is the last time you browse through your website and see how the stats are doing ?

Is your website getting the job done for you ?

Is it generating more leads for you ?

Is it helping you making the sales ?

Why do you have the website in the first place ?

Here are 4 things I look for when I do website audits.

1. User Experience: How your website make them feel  ?

2. Visual Hierarchy: Is there a focal point ?

3. Know the Audience: Does it connect or resonate with your audience ?

4. Leads generation and sales opt: Is it designed to generate leads and sales for the business ?

Your website says alot about your brand.

If it is amateur looking and old-fashion, chances are the visitor is going to assume that your product/services delivers the same result.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a poorly-designed website? Your first thought might be “this site is slow”, or “I can’t find what I’m looking

for”, but at the subconscious level, at your core, you are really thinking “I don’t trust these guys”, or “I feel like they don’t care about me”.

Your website visitor will become frustrated and hit the X-Button if you’re confusing them with hard to navigate website pages.

Whether you want to accept it or not, your website may be talking about you behind your back. Your website speaks on your behalf and creates impressions that will

either lure people in or turn people away.

– Bennie

Olofinyo Ben

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