Have you ever meet someone who is a hype-man ?

Here’s a story for you..

Back in the day I met this individual who love to always mention names of celebrities and remarkable successful people he knew and how he was “tight” with these people.

These people were well known.

However, this individual always complained about how his business was struggling and it should be doing better.

One day, I said to myself. If this guy is always hanging out with these super successful people, why isn’t he booming as well ?

Since I was kid, I’ve had large number of people tell me ” It’s all about who you know that will determines your success.”

I am not too sure if I agree with that!

If that declaration was true then Festus The Hype-Man over here should be having millions in revenue like his so called famous-buddies, right ?

What I have realized over time that I’ve been an entrepreneur is that one of the main reason why entrepreneurs struggle with growing their business is because they are focused on the wrong things.

Instead of Festus The Hype-Man focusing his time, money and energy on doing things that will really help him when it comes to growing his business he was doing things that doesn’t matter.

Here is the truth.

The success of our business is on us. NOT WHO WE KNOW

Let’s focus on becoming a better version of ourself, I mean ourself! instead of trying to impress other or focusing on things that are just a waste of time.

No one cares about who you know.

They are more focused on how you can help them with your products or services.

Here’s my question for you today.

Are you running your business like Festus The Hype-Man or you are really focusing your time, money and energy on growing your business ?

Growing a business can be a tricky one and you might be lost and waste alot of money doing the wrong thing.

I’ve been there myself.

One day I woke up and asked myself.

What should I be doing to grow my business inside and outside ?

Maybe I actually need to seek advice from people with knowledge and expertise that I lacked.

I finally hired my first coach. She was well known in the branding and digital marketing space.

She shared with me few things to do grow my business, I will mention five from her to-do

* Get to know your target persons

* Build a brand

* Invest in your brand

* Build a strong social media presence

* Be consistent

I took her advice and things changed for good.

Had I not taken action and made moves, it wouldn’t matter what mentor I hired, I still would be struggling.

If I continued to try and figure it out on my own. I’d still be struggling.

So here is my takeaway I want you to get out of todays message.

*Focus on the right things.

*Hire someone who can improve your business.

*Pay the premium price.

Its not about who you know.

It’s about what you do to make your goals come to realization.

You can have all the celebrity and wealthy friends you want and still struggle.

I encourage you to start focusing on the right things and take action.

People want to invest there money wisely not on someone who they think is not trustworthy.

Here’s a clue.

Brand your business, develop a voice, engage in social media, do paid ads (digital marketing) and keep it real then you will start attracting your ideal clients and people will feel safe to invest in you which means making money.

I want to see you up there!

– Bennie

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