And we don’t refer to digital content as a way of maximising Search Engine Optimisation and Link Building on your website’s backend. We’re talking about content that people WANT to read, and the sharing of information that people NEED.

Social media requires scrutinising. That’s because it is not only a window through which you can share your content, but it allows people to follow (and therefore trust in) the brand. It has also been noticed that people are more likely to read/view content that has been shared by their friends. Potential followers and new-content consumers are only likely to share your content if it has been re-shared by one of their friends, other than through the brand pages itself.

But is your follower the right kind of follower?

A social media follower who has aN influence on your social media content marketing campaign should, typically, fulfil a couple of key roles for your business. These functions are a trade-off for all the lovely content that you have provided them. These followers must be influencers and engagers.


This person shares a large circle of friends to which they regularly post topical content. They’re also considered somewhat learned in the topic that is important to your brand.


The follower is regularly found on the specific social media platform, and they can almost always be counted on to share, comment on, and like your content.

So, you’ll be able to set up a loyal following on social media if you fulfil our 3-step social media plan. As stated before, the concept is simple, but ensure that you carry out each of the points rigorously in order to attract the correct followers, and get your influencers sharing your content!

Step 1) Share only the highest-quality content. It’s not a bad idea to share that content created by other brands, but make sure that you create enough of your very own content regularly!

Step 2) Follow only the most relevant brands to your business. In addition, make sure that you are running a flawless advertisement campaign on social media at all times!

Step 3) Engage with your followers. This cannot be emphasised enough! Brands often forget to connect with followers’ posts, focusing on their own page and content instead. How is the follower meant to feel connected to a brand that doesn’t engage with them?

Following the above-mentioned steps will put you on the right path of both attracting new followers as well as retaining your current industry influencers (and get them re-sharing your content). Make sure that you appeal to these influencers, as they form the backbone of the audience to which you are targeting your content (as well as products and services)

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