Is your website really created to convert visitors into customers ?

They told you to build a website, so you did. They told you’d get customers if you had a website, but that hasn’t happened.

I have been involved in building, auditing and marketing countless websites and I have seen alots of gaps and leaks that are really costing entrepreneurs like yourself thousands of Rands a day in revenue….

If your purpose is to use your website to generate leads and sales then you need to make sure it is optimized to do exactly just that.

I’ve recently done an overhaul to my website and want you to go and have peak at it right now.

What do you see ?

What feelings do you get ?

Now go over to your website and ask yourself the same questions.

There is a possibility you are not going to get the same feeling or drive.

I have seen shortcut approach taken by lots of entrepreneurs when it comes to building their website.

Wix and R999 designs are cool but won’t get you anywhere! Why wasting your time trying to save some few Rands when in the long run it is going to cost you thousands and maybe even millions in potential sales.

Imagine with a small changes to your business website, the more profits and high-end clients that could be bringing you.

That small changes can be one of the best decision you will make.

Let me help you start making some more revenue today!

– Bennie

Olofinyo Ben

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