Now let’s check this out…

Last night my friends had ventured up to a Pub & Grill in Willem Cruywagen Ln for dinner and I put one of them in charge of getting the Taxify to get us there,

Here is a little background about the sister I put in charge.

She loves to tease me about how I like to pay a premium for things.

I will share with you why I do that in a jiffy.

So 15 minutes later, she get notified that the Taxify ride has arrived.

We walked to the gate and this dilapidated automobile was waiting for us. 🙂

We all piled in the car and sat there parked for about 5 minutes as we looked the driver fumbled with his phone trying to set the GPS.

I asked the guy, “Are we ready to go ??”

Mind you the driver looked like he never drove in Akasia, Midrand in his life before which made thing even worse…LOL

We finally head out and I hear one of my friend complaining about seat belt that it was broken.

To make the situation more worse, this Taxify driver was driving like a learner weaving in and out of lanes so I finally said to this guy “Hey bro, can you relax ? The

pub closes by 10pm so we are not in a rush. We want to get there alive!”

We finally get to Willem Cruywagen Ln and the guy asked, “Where do you want to go?”

I replied, ” Did you put it in your GPS? Are you not the one driving ?”

Now my friend who made the request is furious and yelled “Just let us out of here, we will walk!!”

and we did just that…..

We finally get to the restaurant and settled down to eat.

My friend pulls out her phone and check her Taxify app to fund out that the Taxify driver charged her a R25 waiting fee which made her more pissed.

Not only was the Taxify ride was hell, the guy charges us extra fees!

I was laughing so hard inside but didn’t utter any words ( I have learned to choose my battles wisely theses days lol).

I assume my friend realised now why I pay a premium for things.

After our dinner, I took the lead and ordered the Taxify for the ride home.

This time we got a brand new Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase that arrived with ample leg room, bottles of water, sanitizer and a driver who was a pro and got us

back home on time.

I felt safer,

My freidns felt safer.

We got home in style and efficiency..

The lesson to be learnt here is:

Don’t let your friend order the Taxify!


The real lesson is this:

Is cheaper always the best choice ?

Let me ask you this…

When it comes to building and growing your business and investing into it, is cheaper always better ?

Remember, the way you your brand looks determines the type of clients you will attract.  If you want to attract premium clients you need to build a premium brand.

Have a wonderful week!

– Bennie

Olofinyo Ben

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